Welcome to the 1636 Society website! This site is another opportunity for us to acknowledge and celebrate our 1636 Society members for stepping up as active Harvard citizens who give renewed strength to the College every year. Thank you for your loyalty!

The 1636 Society was founded in January 2008 to honor the Harvard College Fund’s many loyal donors who give to Harvard year in and year out. Centuries ago, individual generosity helped create this great institution, and our dedicated alumni and parents have continued to support the College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences through annual giving. This crucial support at all levels helps to sustain Harvard's pursuit of educational excellence.

Your generosity helps perpetuate a virtuous cycle – by giving back to the College and the GSAS, you enable us to benefit society and educate current and future students. It is our hope that these students will someday join you as esteemed members of the 1636 Society.